Michigan Volunteer Registry – COVID-19 Response Opportunities

From the Kalamazoo County Office of Emergency Management  

We will be utilizing the Michigan Volunteer Registry (MVR) to gather information on volunteers interested in participating in the various clinics for COVID vaccinations. Below is information on the MVR. Anyone that wants to volunteer should register on the MVR. Once the time comes to get the volunteers pulled for clinics we will get in touch with the MVR and begin making those contacts with volunteers. PLEASE – do not have unaffiliated volunteers contact emergency management or the health department. We cannot accept those calls due to the amount of activity. Have them use the MVR.   If your organization has affiliated volunteers that wish to volunteer outside of your organization and are interested in volunteering on the vaccination campaign, make sure they are registered in MVR.  If they already are registered make sure they log in and ensure their information is current.   We anticipate we may need around 1000 individual volunteers to fill various positions at various times on any day of the week for quite a few months.  Everything from flaggers to registrars to skilled healthcare workers.

How to Register:

 Michigan Volunteer Registry New Applicants:

To register on the Michigan Volunteer Registry, you will need to access the Registry via Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox (these two browsers work best). 

The link for the Registry is:   https://www.mivolunteerregistry.org

  • Click on the red Register Now button on the right-hand side; right below the login area.
  • Select an Organization by clicking on the Add Organizations button.
  • Click on the plus sign next to County Affiliation (and/or Statewide Teams).
  • Click in the check box to the left of your County.
  • Click the Select button at the right-hand bottom corner of the dialog box.
  • Proceed to fill out all the sections on this registration page; then click Next at the bottom of the page.
  • A dialog box will appear that reflects that you are registered; click on Profile Summary to allow access to the other pages of your Profile.
  • Complete accordingly.  Remember to click Save Changes at the bottom of each page. Fill out all sections completely.
  • Once finished, your Profile will end up in the Pending queue for the Selected Organization(s) and be processed at some point soon.
  • If you need to revisit your Profile before having been approved (or at any time, for that matter), just access the home page of the Registry, use the login box with your username and password, and log in.   Then click My Profile, click on any subtab, click Edit Information, and that page will open again to be edited if need be.  Remember again to click Save Changes if you have edited any information.  The only page that is somewhat different is the Occupations page.  On that page, you would click on the Occupation Name and then the Edit Information button becomes available.