K Votes Election Resources


ACLU’s Voter Suppression Today Guide 


PBS: Two-part series on WOC transforming our politics https://www.andshecouldbenext.com/watch (not free, but if you’re interested in watching the documentary, you can sign up for a one week trial of Amazon Video, then watch the videos and quit the trial before they charge you )

The History Chicks: Fannie Lou Hamer (civil/voting rights activist) biography- podcast 

K College Library’s book list on voting rights https://col-kzoo.primo.exlibrisgroup.com/discovery/collectionDiscovery?vid=01COL_KZOO:KZOO&collectionId=81160500000004768

NPR’S Life Kit: How to Vote by Mail- podcast

The Daily: What’s Happening with the Post office & the Election- podcast


For a list of Election events, check out the CCE Calendar: https://cce.kzoo.edu/events/

Questions or looking for additional resources? Please email Moises.Hernandez@kzoo.edu.