K Votes Opportunities

Become a Poll Worker!

Kalamazoo poll worker application:

(must turn it in to city hall in person!)

Michigan poll worker application: https://www.michiganvoting.org/be-a-poll-worker

California poll worker application: https://pollworker.sos.ca.gov/s/

Be a poll worker (any State): https://www.powerthepolls.org/

On Campus Opportunities

Contact Kalamazoo College Political Clubs via Presence

  • K Dems
  • K Democratic Socialists
  • K Republicans
  • K Votes (non-partisan)

Get Involved in Your Community

Think about what you want your community to look like, then find an organization that works on that. Some suggestions… 

  • Housing organizations
  • Environmental justice organizations
  • Social justice organizations
  • Criminal justice organizations
  • LGBTQIA+ organizations