CCE Grants for Student Led Programs

What are my options?

The Center for Civic Engagement (CCE) provides grant funding to current Civic Engagement Scholars (CESs) for up to $500 per program per academic year to carry out their work through activities that promote a more “just, equitable, and sustainable world.” CESs may apply for up to $500 in grant funding for any number of projects. Any applications received in the second half of the year (starting Monday of Week 6 in Winter term) the total allotment reduces to $250 per program.

Funds may be used to support and enrich ongoing activities, deepen and assess the impact of existing programs, launch an innovation through a small pilot program, and/or “tell the story” of the work they do together, consistent with the missions of the CCE and their specific program.

There are two funds that CESs may apply to The Linda Primavera Fund and The Marilyn LaPlante Endowment. Each of these funds has specific criteria that applicants have to consider when drafting a grant proposal; please see descriptions below.

After grant approval, you must complete the Post-Grant Use form to explain how your funds were actually used and reflect on their benefits. Information from your report will be shared with the affiliated donors.

Please contact with any questions.

The Linda Primavera Fund

Linda Primavera ’77 is an advocate for civic outreach, having volunteered her time and resources in the Tucson, Arizona area for many years.  This passion has led her to create a fund to provide support to Kalamazoo area women and children and to channel this support through the talented CES students at Kalamazoo College creating additional leadership opportunities for its students.  

Linda Primavera would like to support the following CCE programs that relate to education and women/children empowerment programs:

  • CAPS
  • El Sol
  • Students for Reproductive Freedom
  • Woodward
  • Young Adult Program

CESs may apply for up to $500 per year to support programming that enhances their work in these above programs. See the grant proposal form for detailed information about project criteria.

The Marilyn LaPlante Endowment

Ronda Stryker and Bill Johnston established The LaPlante Endowment in 2001 when they created the Mary Jane Underwood Stryker Institute for Service-Learning (now Center for Civic Engagement) in the name of Ronda’s grandmother.  The LaPlante Endowment honors the late Dean of Students Marilyn LaPlante, the College’s first Vice-President for Experiential Education, and a good friend to Ronda. The LaPlante Endowment primarily supports Civic Engagement Scholar wages, faculty grants and course-related expenses, and community partner involvement.  However, a small amount of funding (up to $500 per program per year) is available to enhance CES-led programs that do not meet Primavera funding parameters.  See the grant proposal form for detailed information about project criteria. 

Please NOTE:  Funds will be awarded based on the quality of proposals and appropriateness of programming.  The total amount of funding and/or total available per grant may be limited in any given year.  Receipt of these grants is not guaranteed, and they may be awarded on a first-come, first serve basis.    

Please complete the below form after you have applied for and used your grant funds. This feedback will be used to assess the impacts of funding and contribute to future grant availability.

Apply for a grant:

Please complete this form, for either grant option, a minimum of two weeks prior to when you would like to begin project purchases. If you would like to discuss your proposal before submitting your formal form request, please get in touch with a member of CCE staff.

Grant Application Form

After project completion:

Please complete this form within two weeks after your project has completed or conf

Grant Use Report Form

Post-Grant Use Report

Please fill out this form to explain how grant funds were used and for whom after the event or purpose has taken place.

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Which CCE program and community partner was the grant used for?