Summer 2021 Community Building Internship Paperwork

Student Intern Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and Student Intern Agreement

Please carefully read through the MOU attached below and sign to indicate your understanding and agreement.

CBI Summer 2021 Student Learning Contract and Weekly Reflections

CBI Learning Contract – To be completed by the second week of the internship. Please work with your supervisor on this Learning Contract.

CBI Student Bi-weekly Reflections. – To be completed on a bi-weekly basis by student intern.

Supervisor Agreement and Waiver of Liability

Please carefully read through the Supervisor Agreement and Waiver of Liability attached below and sign to indicate your understanding and agreement.

Please sign and return the CCE Nondiscrimination/Antiharassment Policy Agreement

CCE Nondiscrimination/Antiharassment Policy

CBI Supervisor Check-in (To be completed after Intern has been on site for 2 weeks)

CBI Supervisor Check-in with CCE staff – To be completed by supervisor after first two weeks of internship.

CBI 2021 Timeline

January 28th –                              All updated position descriptions must be received from Partners

February 1st – March 5th            Positions go live on Handshake and are visible to students

March 8th                                     All applications sent to supervisors

March 8th – 26th                          Supervisors interview applicants and select interns

March 29th                                  All supervisor decisions must be made and internships filled

April 5th                                      All students and supervisors must submit signed MOU

May 5th                                       Supervisor/CBI and CCE staff meet and greet lunch (possibly virtual)

May 18th                                     First stipends released to students

June 14th                                     Internships may begin

June 27th                                     All Learning Contracts completed between Supervisor and Intern 

August  5th                                  End of Year Celebration Dinner in Hornet Suite or virtually

August 15th                                 Supervisor and Intern Final reflections due

August 27th                                Final stipend released to students